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Preventing child abuse & neglect is an organisation working towards making the country a safe and secure place for the children. The team of doctors and counselors assist the victims of child abuse & neglect with their families. We emphasis on offering the educational and social guidelines to curb the child abuse.

Our exclusive services have made us one of the most reliable child abuse & neglect prevention organisations. Precaution is better than cure. Thus, we ensure to keep children as well as the parents /guardians aware of child abuse. Our counselors are expert in helping the children to come out of trauma cause due to abuse. There are different types of abuses, and people must know how to identify them.

Beating and domestic violence are referred as physical abuse. Also, activities such as slapping, twisting of arm, leg, and ear comes in the category of physical abuse.

Indulgence of a child in any sexual activities is referred as sexual harassment. Children trapped in this situation often feel shy in public and won’t let any person come nearer.

Shouting aloud on the children can make them scary. Threatening them of doing something is also known as mental torture. Our motive is to make the children and society the signs of child abuse & neglect. If you found thing resembling to the points mention below then must report to us.

Why Choose Us

We aim to prevent the cause of child abuse & neglect. Children are the future. Hence it is our responsibility to protect them. Our experienced team of counselors ensures to reach the origin of abuse. We discuss the problem with child, parents, friends and relatives separately. This gives us an idea to get the kid out of the trauma.

  • We offer parenting tips
  • We offer assistance to orphan kids.
  • We have team of experienced doctors.
  • We organise open discussions & debates.
  • Our counselors are child-friendly.

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