Preventing and Treating Child Abuse & Neglect

Children are the most innocent creature made by God. Some people bully them and even torture the little ones. Our society works for preventing and treating child abuse & neglect. Children living in the orphanage are most commonly the victim. The children in families and society are also harassed by people at times. Kids are joyous and enjoy their life to the fullest. But, sometimes smile fade away from their faces. This is an alarm to be cautious.

People care for their children. But, have you ever thought of being a helping hand to a homeless child?

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We drive awareness week for prevention of child abuse & neglect in schools. Students are also taught about ill behavior, the difference between love and bullying.

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Family shapes the kid’s life. Sometimes, quarrel, fight, and separation of the parents cause child abuse & neglect.

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Caretakers are responsible for providing a healthy and secure environment to the children.

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Orphans are the soft target of child abuse & neglect. Offer a helping hand to these children and save their innocence.

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We make the best effort to educate the caretakers on how to become a good parent and protect your child from getting abused.

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Upcoming Events!

Want to help children who suffered abuse/neglect or have someone who can benefit from our services? Then don’ hesitate to join our seminars, webinars, community meets, picnics, and various other events hosted by our team and volunteers. Our events are conducted with utmost sensitivity and privacy to help children who have gone through abuse & neglect cope with their problems and become confident and happy adults.

Why Choose Us

We aim to prevent the cause of child abuse & neglect. Children are the future. Hence it is our responsibility to protect them. Our experienced team of counselors ensures to reach the origin of abuse. We discuss the problem with child, parents, friends and relatives separately. This gives us an idea to get the kid out of the trauma.

  • We offer parenting tips
  • We offer assistance to orphan kids.
  • We have team of experienced doctors.
  • We organise open discussions & debates.
  • Our counselors are child-friendly.

Our team of professionals have received sensitivity training and they are aware of how to deal with abused children. Many times, children can withdraw or lash out. Our experts are well-versed in handling all these situations and take care of the kids. Furthermore, we are associated with various NGOs and worked on government projects. Hence, we have and can reach out to a lot of children. We can offer them comfort, counselling, and a safe place to grow and flourish. Over the years, we have helped children who were abused move past the pain and lead a healthy life with family and friends.

What’s more, it is extremely easy and safe to reach us. You can contact us anytime during business hours and we would be happy to listen to you and provide guidance or help as per requirement!

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