Therapist plays an important role in dealing with child abuse. The analytical and psychological skills of the specialist assess the problem at the earliest. Children suffering from different types of abuses require distinct conditioning. We assist kids to bloom and not fade. Our counselors hold specialisation in.

Healing Therapy suits all the victims of child abuse. This process includes kids and parents both. We draw guidelines to deal with the child according to the abuse. Our approach in healing therapy is extremely simple. The story-telling idea and knowledge transfer mechanism engage the victim in a joyous mood and help them forget the incident. This helps the child to get back to normal life.

Child neglect is also a type of torture. This is categorised as an emotional ignorance. The family members must understand the child behavior. Fighting between the parents or showing love & affection to the siblings are the few causes of negligence.

Education act as a tool of empowerment. Yes, the children having an understanding of exploitation stay alert. Also, the kids report such activities to the parents or the guardians. This results in bringing the culprit to the books. The education creates awareness among youngsters, and they also keep a tab on notorious people who try to exploit children.

People often hesitate to visit clinics or session to deal with child abuse & negligence. The reasons behind this awkwardness is

  • What will the society think?
  • What will the relative say?
  • How will friends react?
  • How to get out of public glare?

To help you answer all these questions, we come to your home. Our consultants visit your place on the time suggested by you. Let us know your child’s problem, and we will help your rehabilitate the kid. Our home sessions help the child to forget the unpleasant incident and move ahead in life.