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Firstly, never let kids alone. There are various ways to protect kids from getting abused & neglect.


Being parent is not an easy job. In fact, parent’s job is never done. Kids feel comfortable with parents. Hence it is the responsibility of the parents to keep a tab on the activities of their children. If you feel any change in the behavior of your child then it’s time to talk. You shall begin chatting with the ward about life, school, home work and friends. While the kid is engaged in talking the parent must focus on the face and body language of the child.


This will enable you to understand the problem. Does, the name of a particular person or a place make the child nervous or scared? If yes, then parents must try to gather more information related to it. This help you understand weather your child is abused or not. Ask your child about hurting or indulgence of any sexual activity. If the child agrees to it, then first take him/her to a medical practitioner for check up. Also, file a legal case against the suspect with police. This procedure will help you catch the culprit responsible for child abuse.


We offer open forums to discuss child abuse & neglect. As it help both parents & children in understanding a thin line separating being loved and being bullied.