Respite Care

Respite Care

Caretakers are responsible for providing a healthy and secure environment to the children. The warden and other officials at the care center must keep a check on things such as:

  • Who are their friends?
  • Where are the children going?
  • What is their day to day activity?
  • Who all are meeting with children?

Especially the orphan kids look towards affection, love and care more in comparison to other kids. The absence of family creates void space in their life. Their psychology is much different from normal kids, as they struggle on every front.


Respite care offers educational opportunities, social life and skill development program. These facilities help the kids grow in a disciplined manner. The team of doctors at the center ensures that children must intake a healthy diet. We are supported by various NGOs for improving the life quality of children. Actors, educationist, students of the different universities and medical practitioners make a visit to the center frequently. The best part of our respite center is that the society comes forward to work with us. Yes, local citizens volunteer for teaching and other services.


The company of locals makes the children understand the way of living. They sit, talk, eat and enjoy life to the fullest while learning etiquettes. We discharge our duties responsibly and prevent child abuse & neglect.