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School Based Programs

We drive awareness week for prevention of child abuse & neglect in schools. Students are also taught about ill behavior, the difference between love and bullying. Our awareness program in schools enables the children in recognise if any such incident happened with them. Students come to us and share such experiences with us. Once we know the details of the incident, we get in touch with their parents. Firstly, we register a complaint with police and then suggest the parents to take the child for a medical check-up.


The medical examination clears whether it was a physical or a sexual abuse case. Some mischievous people hurt kids to seek pleasure. This must be stopped. We believe in end the child abuse problem from where it starts. Thus, we urge the students to talk with their parents about inappropriate activities happened with them or their siblings.


Preventing child abuse is an organisation that offers counsel to the students of all age group. Kids and teenage are the two crucial stages of life. Even a single mishap in these ages can ruin the life. Parents need to be extra protective about their wards at this time. The kids get attracted towards people, and this may cause child abuse.


Spend ample time with the children and make them feel special. The caring treatment at home and school offers a secure environment to live.